Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ASATHAOP! -As Soon As The Holiday's Are Over Possible-

Oh goodness. It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted! I feel very badly about that! The honest truth is that I’ve been quite busy as of late what with Thanksgiving and Christmas bearing down on me… I just haven’t had the time or extra motivation to write anything for my blog since Thanksgiving! I’ve actually been a lot of places, seen a lot of things and have had many ideas for blog postings, but alas… nothing has been written. All that to say, I haven’t completely forgotten this blog or my love for it and I do plan on picking up my pace a bit when the Holiday’s pass and my days are just life as usual again.

In my time away from She Strikes A Pose, I’ve thought a lot about how much I write and what I write about and perhaps a better way of organizing it all. ‘Look of the Day’, though very fun to research and write about, takes an awful lot of time to compile and thusly I’ve decided to re-make it as ‘Look of Now’, which would allow me the freedom to post everyday or every other week if I so choose.

I also have a few friends who are very fashionable and creative and often they come up with awesome ideas for posts which they tell me about but I seem to either promptly forget them (‘cause lets face it, I honestly have a whole list blog ideas already and I have trouble keeping track of those!) or I just don’t have the time to write them! I’ve attempted on at least one occasion to persuade one of those friends to write up an article or at least a rough draft for me to edit and post, but again, the time it takes to brainstorm, research, write and finally publish a post, takes a lot longer than most may think! It can be very overwhelming.

I was sent a book to read and review for my blog and I feel horrendous for not getting to it yet. It took three straight days of almost non-stop work to review the last book I posted about and I just find now that I’m a tad too busy even to think about reviewing this book. However, if it’s the last thing I do, I will review that book and post about it ASATHAOP… like as is in, “As Soon As The Holiday’s Are Over Possible.”

For all my readers who still bother to check my blog for new postings, I am truly sorry for neglecting this for so long without so much as an explanation. Please forgive me. I will be up and going again very, very soon.


Sarah said...

Hey, I love reading your style tips, and thought I'd share one with you...have you noticed the trend for all things vintage has moved into fragrances lately? I recently saw Diesel's Fuel For Life, which comes in antique leather or lace pouch depending if you're a boy or girl. Even better, their limited edition fragrance comes wrapped in gilded chains... thought you should hear it first! Sarah

nicolette said...

It's hard to find inspirations sometimes, and I know trying to force a post probably wouldn't work so well. So just relax, come back later when you feel a post in you, and share.