Monday, November 19, 2007

I have no spine... at least when it comes to shoes.

All right, I’ll be honest, up until about a month ago, I loathed the ankle boot. I simply failed to see the beauty in hacking off the calf section of a boot and then wearing what was left with a mini skirt as to expose the hideous mutilation that is the ankle boot. Try as I may, I couldn’t get with it. That is until I was flipping through my fashion bible, aka Vogue, and saw a glowing ad, full of purple goodness, and lo, there on the oversized feet of the giant model, what did I see?

Purple suede ankle boots.

The look had me at purple, and I was in love… and in denial! I really wrestled with myself for a minute, resisting the thought that I too was falling prey to a trend that I had, at the on set of my journey through Vogue just five minutes before, hated. I was feeling weak, and as I gazed longer at the glossy page, I felt weaker.

And then, I caved.

What can I say? I truly liked the look, and honestly, I hoped then and still do that the ankle boot is here to stay. I think at a root level I had been resisting the ankle boot because it was a throw back to the 80’s and I’ve never heard anyone say anything nice about 80’s fashion! (And thank goodness, because there is nothing nice to say!) I guess I felt like the problem was that designers were getting bored and regurgitating forgotten looks; looks that should have stayed forgotten! However, perhaps the problem lay not with the designers, but with my perspective. Instead of seeing ankle boots as a hideous mutation, I needed to appreciate them as an inspired revival; one that looked much better the second time around!

That said, I feel there are a few guidelines one must keep in mind when attempting to wear the ankle boot. To me, it seems that though the ankle boot has shed its calf, it cannot stand alone. Meaning, the ankle boot looks better when worn with a legging of a similar color. The ad in Vogue supported this idea as the purple ankle boot was worn with purple leggings. The picture I’m showing here also show this.

Perhaps it’s that I haven’t researched the ankle boot thoroughly or that I just haven’t seen many women wearing them in Austin, but I think the boot looks best when worn with a skirt, more specifically, a mini skirt.If y’all have any other ideas for this fabulous shoe, please let me know!

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Sarah said...

yes, I struggled with the ankle boot at first but got romanced pretty quickly. I love to wear mine with dark tights and a cute dress. I do wear them with pants, too, but they just look like any other boots/shoes. To get the true fabulosity of the ankle boot, they must be worn with a skirt/dress.