Thursday, November 1, 2007

Heidi's Walk of Fame: Great Posers from Off the Street

Last night was truly one of the most fun nights I've ever had! I knew there would be many great outfits on the South Congress Ave. but I never anticipated how many wonderful people I'd meet! The street was packed with vendors and live music and even some left overs from Halloween; it was very lively and very Austin. During my journey down SoCo as it's referred to by the locals, I stumbled upon a product promotion party going on for Chloe Dao, Project Runway's Season two winner. That was pretty crazy and I'll write more about it in a later post.In all, it was a great night and it was an experience everyone should have.

I had a lot of fun taking peoples pictures though I was a bit shy starting out. I guess I figured asking never hurts and the worst someone could say to me was no! Thankfully no one did say no and I got some really great shots. Leave comments or suggestions or tell me about an up coming fashion event I need to be at! I look forward to hearing from you and to December's First Thursday!

This guy was awesome, he really had fun posing for me! I stopped him and asked to take his pictures because of his shoes; they are a black and red checked slip on, and they really made his outfit awesome. I'm always a fan of jeans, a graphic tee and a blazer on men, it never goes wrong and this guy look great!

This is my favorite outfit by far from the whole night; as soon as I walked away from taking this picture, I told my friend that I wanted to immediately go out and buy everything this woman is wearing. I absolutely love how she paired white, tan and black together, and I really, really love how classic and chic this outfit is.

I met this woman at a party for Chloe Dao (of Project Runway, more on that in a future post) whose outfit caught my eye as soon as she walked in. The bright blue and simple cut of her dress were very flattering and paired with black, a hot accessories color for this season, she looked great! She was also one of the sweetest people I met and a great poser!

This guy was style from head to toe. Everything about his outfit is so well pulled together, from the tan hat, to the great green of his shirt and jacket, to the punch of his bright red shoes; I loved it all! He's also strikes a fierce pose.

When I saw this woman she stopped me in my tracks! Her dress is from H&M in LA and her shoes from Nordstrom's (I met a surprising number of people who were wearing pieces from Nordstrom's). This is such a lovely look; very ladylike, very simple, but it stands out. My favorite kind of look.

This woman's outfit was really inspirational for me; it's a great lesson in using one's imagination and proving that oddles of money doesn't have to be spent to look sharp. The story of this outfit goes as follows: she bought her awesome perter pan-like shoes for 5 bucks, (what could be better?) she made her shorts from old jeans, and she said her white sweater for a while and just threw it on. Ta-da!

I honestly think this was the only sweater dress I saw of the night, and I was surprised because it appeared to be a really light weight knit (always good for the Texas heat) and it was this pretty shade of periwinkle purple which in my opinion is very versatile for either summer or winter looks. also, she was sporting my all time favorite shoes, the black flat, and I just had to get a shot of that!

This kind lady allowed me to interrupt her conversation to get a shot of her brown leather and fur jacket which she paired with black pants; an unexpected match. Few people realize that brown and black, when worn rightly, can make a amazing look, and I really this this woman had it!

I saw this woman at the restaurant where I was eating dinner and when she walked by I put my fork down and ran up to her to take her picture. I love everything about her outfit: I love the fact that it appears that she paired a dress with jeans and rocked it that way. I love that she could wear the dress without her jeans, (or even take the jeans off in her car on the way to a dinner with friends and look completely different than her day look). I love the style, the colors, the long necklace and the SHOES! They are flats (we all know how much Heidi loves flats) they are goldish tan from what
This is Bekah, she was one of the street vendors and besides rocking an awesome outfit (jeans from, gold shoes I think from a thrift store, and an awesome sweater shirt to pull it all together) she was also one of the sweetest and most helpful people I met all night. She's a junior at UT majoring in Interior Design (my ultimate dream) and she was full of great info on design and local boutiques. I was really glad I met her, not just because of her great outfit, but because she was a great person too!

This is Johanna: She is an up and coming designer who works independently and who really knows how to rock a look. What originally caught my eye about her outfit were her bright red pants, but as I looked closer, I discovered there was more to this look than what met the eye... For starters, Johanna isn't afraid of color and my is she wearing a lot here: red pants, purple leather jacket, black sweater with yellow birds on it, black heels, brown wood hoop earrings and ring and a blue wallet! I really admired her for her guts to wear so much color; it's something I love to do myself and I've never met anyone else who wasn't afraid of wearing it and flaunting it.

Not only was Johanna's outfit awesome, but she was too; she was so generous with her advice and tips about the Austin fashion scene. Y'all MUST check her out on her website as I think you can find most of what she's wearing there, including the beautiful wood jewelry.

This was kind of a drive by shooting here: I was crossing the street and saw this lady walking towards me in this beautiful frock and I stopped her in her tracks and took her picture. The colors of this dress are really vibrant and I have yet to see a woman who looks bad in this kind of dress.

Cowboy boots tucked into jean, paired with a belt and big buckle, matched with a great shrunken jacket and you have yourself a very trendy look. Very Austin.

Oh my goodness, everything about this woman was beautiful; her hair, her outfit, her smile! She was very sweet and had great style. I really love how used all different shades of brown with this look: a long tan skirt paired with a dustier brown scoop neck, a different tan undershirt peeking out and dark brown boots. I also loved her bold but simple accessories.

This is Chickie; she's my stylish friend that helped me carry everything and point out fashionable people and helped me gather info and flyers about up coming events... she was fun to have with me and she also looked great too. she got TONS of complements on her shoes; designed by herself, she took plain white vans and colored them with sharpies. Chickie is great at creating looks and I love her sporty and very Austin outfit here.

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