Monday, November 12, 2007

Look of the Day

I really like the preppy feel to this outfit. It's also insanely easy to wear.

This arglyle sweater will stand out because of it's bright mustard colors. I also adore the idea of using a scarf tied around the neck as an alternative to a necklace. (check it out below) The skinny jean. Perfect for tucking into boots. Bad for those of us who are more woman than these jeans can handle.

Why not own every style and color of boot you can find? It's more fun that way! Though this outfit could easily be paired with a pointed, heeled boot, try this "sport" book and actually enoy your outfit and day because you're wearing a cute but ultra comfy boot.

I like the color of this scarf and hat set. One could most certainly wear the scarf all day, if not the hat. If one happens to live in the south, she would not need much more than this during the winter months to keep warm outside, however, a puffy vest might be considered if one finds herself a little chilly. For those living in the north, why not try a puffy coat? Enjoy!


Sofia said...

love the whole look! Good job!

Sofia said...

Love the look. Write to me : skeck at voxpop dot tv

I would liek to feature you in "Best in Blog"