Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shut up!

Okay, despite my undying love for high end designers, I sometimes see no point in buying high end. Let me explain: while flipping through November’s Vogue this week, I stumbled upon a feature called “Collector’s Items” in which I saw a pair of silver round toe flats. I recognized them immediately as a pair I’d seen in Target many times and fully expected to read that they were in fact the Xhilaration brand… Obviously I was wrong, and I was shocked almost beyond words to see that the Vogue flats were $540! SHUT UP!

Now, I know fashion has often been accused of being senseless and silly, and though I don’t normally agree with that, I fear I must in this case as it seems utterly ridiculous to drop nearly $600 on a pair of flats that one can get at Tar-zay for a mere $14.99!! I am positive that even if I could afford the steep price of Vogue’s flats (which by the way are designed by Lanvin) I would absolutely buy the $14.99 rip off from my local discount department store.

I must know, do y’all not agree with me?

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