Friday, November 2, 2007

Look of the Day

'Look of the Day' posts are becoming fun for me because it's forcing me to really think outside the box and use resources other than my closet to find inspiration.

Case in point: Yesterday, my apartment, about noon. My sister in-law Melissa came over and with her she brought a few new outfits that she'd thought up. Something should be said for Melissa as she is a very happy, free spirited type of girl; she very much makes one feel as if they've been hit by a tornado (in a good way) when she leaves and she's always, always good for shopping. I love Lissy, and I especially love her when she comes up with great outfits to wear. So, back to yesterday; she was going on and on talking a mile a minute about how she'd be digging through her older brother's closet and found an old Ralph Lauren red stripped button down and how she'd made an "awesome look" as she put it, by pairing it with a black belt and black knee length shorts (still very "in" in Austin). I was listening as well as I could to her, and didn't really catch what she was saying until she actually put the outfit on and it was then that she had my attention!

I was oh-ing and awing over the outfit and finally made her take it off so I could wear it to an appointment I had later that day. I immediately knew that this outfit would be a 'Look of the Day' and Melissa was quite proud that she'd made a contribution also. It's a very classic and preppy look, especially when paired with a pearl necklace and earrings as I wore it. I got a complement on it and (very oddly) someone driving next to me honked at me while he was driving by.

This is pictured in blue stripped, also a good option
Pair the shirt with black shorts or long dark washed trouser jeans. It would also go well with black pants.

Black belts are very trendy this season and also an essential.

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