Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to: The Perfect Blowdry Job

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This past Saturday I drove 130 miles from Austin to San Antonio to get my hair done. Crazy you say? Maybe. However, please consider that the last time I went to the Salon, the girl who was cutting my hair knew not what she was doing and hacked mercilessly away at my (then) long locks. And so the reason for my willingness to go great distances (literally) as to get a good cut.

Now, moving on to a slightly unrelated subject: I don't know about you, but blow drying my hair has always been a source of frustration and discomfort; one is expected to juggle a brush, blow dryer and hair with just two hands, that by the way, have been rendered useless because they have gone numb from being held up in the air for excessive amounts of time. This situation leaves any girl sad, in pain and with nappy, wet hair. In an effort to avoid this altogether, I've made it a habit to always ask my stylist to explain to me the techniques of blow drying ones hair. Rarely, if ever, have I gotten a very good explanation and thus I've been forced to resort to the tried, but not always true, practice of turning my head upside down and drying my hair that way.

Well, y'all can appreciate then the sheer joy and relief of finally stumbling onto a step by step video of how to properly dry ones hair! Sometime last month, Eva Scrivo, New York Salon owner and personal stylist to Martha Stewart, happened to be on The Martha Show talking about this seasons make up trends when she mentioned she had a website. Always curious, I checked it out, and lo, what beauteous link did mine eyes happen to glance over but that of 'Eva's Perfect Blowdry Video'?! My heart started to race as it does when I am thrilled and I clicked on it straight away. It lead me to another site with not just one, but FIVE different video's on blow drying and styling tips. Oh the wonder, oh the excitement!

Though Eva's voice can be a tad annoying after five videos, her wisdom is indispensable and she is a master of her art. Click here to go to Eva's homepage. That will lead you to the enchanted place where all may go and learn to have perfectly blowdried hair!

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