Thursday, November 15, 2007

I spy: Black on Black on Black...

A few weeks ago on Oprah, I heard a stylist say that black on black was really in right now. I guess that would mean I technically didn’t “spy” this trend myself, but I spied someone else spying it so that counts! Anyway, this trend actually struck me as an odd one as I have been taught to avoid wearing a lot of black as not to appear that I am in constant mourning of a lost loved one… Thusly, until last year, I didn’t own a single piece of black clothing save a black tee shirt that was lost long ago in the back on my closet. I’d seen the epidemic of women wearing only black, or mostly black, or using black with every color under the sun with which to coordinate and it seemed to me that style was quickly being sucked down a black hole so to speak! I made a concerted effort to wear as much color as I could in hopes that it might counter act the mindless outfits most women were wearing.

My wardrobe started to change a bit though, as I began to understand the importance of essentials; it was then that I embraced black as a timeless and chic tool (when worn rightly) for every woman’s closet. At the time when I saw Oprah, I still wore black infrequently, but because of that stylists wise words, I’ve since embraced black a little more and am now rocking the black on black look.

The greatest thing about black on black is that the options are endless! When I began to think about what pictures I would feature, I saw that I would have to limit my options as not to have a mile long post! This look really is relevant and workable and I’m SO glad to have in my life… I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do!

P.S. This is also my ‘Look of the Day’.

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