Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Look of the Day

The Editor: Today’s look is pretty much one of my favorite looks, however, it doesn’t always work on everyone. This is a very classic and structured look, one I feel that a free spirit or hippie wouldn’t feel as comfy in. Certainly, this outfit is open to anyone, but I hold to the belief that one should dress according to their personality and body type. (Much more about that to come in future posts!) Although classic and structured is my own personal style, I am/will try to post as many different looks as I can. I really do see the beauty in all looks and strive to promote them all. That said, enjoy!

I’ve only featured the top half this outfit today because there are so many options for the bottom half that I’d rather just list them here: One could easily pair this look with black pants, black skirt, or a trouser jean in a dark wash. Oh, one could also rock this look with a dark denim skirt. See, the possibilities are endless!

A simple cardigan in a bright color is an essential for the wardrobe and also very ‘in’ right now. Wear it over the short sleeved white button down and belt. That really gives it the Editor look.

This short sleeved button down is perfect for giving one a professional look.

Me likey this thin gold belt. Thin in very in right now, however, if ever it’s not in (imagine that!) one could easily wear the Editor look with any other belt in any other width.

Pile on these gold chain necklaces in all different lengths. Don’t use more that three or four though for fear of looking like Mr. T.

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