Thursday, November 15, 2007

Me Likey: Chanel Inspired Cuffs

Chanel is above all others, my very favorite designer. Among the many wonders of Chanel is its ability to inspire trends. While recently flipping through a picture book about Chanel, I spotted beautiful jeweled cuffs. Today, while going about my online stalkng on Banana Republic, I spotted what looked like an almost exact replica of the cuff featured in the book! Immediately I knew I had to seek out these cuffs on all my other online sources and this is what I found. There is a good spectrum of prices, ranging from $48 to $6.80, all well below Chanel's asking price of about $1500!


My favorite cuff: from Banana Republic; asking price $48.00.

A steal found at Forever21 for just $6.80!
Gem colored rhinestones on this cuff make it 'of the now'. $16.19 at Target of course.

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