Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kevyn, Kevyn, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!

Kevyn Aucoin changed my life forever. It was winter of 2000 and I was fully obsessed with all things fashion and make up. I wanted to know all there was to know about both subjects so I buried myself in the beauty section of my local Barns and Nobel. It was then that I spotted Kevyn’s books, ‘Making Faces’ and ‘Face Forward’. From the moment my fingers touched the covers I knew I’d found something important; I knew I’d found the bible on make up.

Now, as I’ve shared before, it’s not unusual for me to have a physical reaction to items of clothing, sales, or books that I love and this case was no different for me. I had a rapid heart beat, my mouth had gone dry and I had this overwhelming sense of dread that at any moment, someone was going to find me looking at these holy books, deem me unworthy and remove me from the store immediately. I took my copies and found a place to sit right there in the bookstore and I literally didn’t move until I’d read each book cover to cover. That’s a little over 300 pages of goodness. I remember my eyelids feeling tired when I’d finished reading because I’d kept my eyes WIDE open as to take in all the information at one time. In one fell move, Kevyn had won my heart forever and from then on I have been a devoted follower and promoter of Kevyn’s cause, telling anyone with ears about him and his books.

This past weekend, while in New Jersey, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a teenage cousin of mine who is in full girly mode. She reminded me very much of me in that she has a very healthy passion for all things stylish and she was very teachable when it came to make up. I spent a very lovely morning with her teaching her the make up secrets Guru Kevyn taught me so many years ago; thus the inspiration for this post. My dear cousin had never heard of Kevyn before and as shocking as that was, it was even more troubling to think that many of my readers probably hadn’t yet heard of Kevyn either. (Or if y’all have, maybe you just didn’t appreciate him as much as one should!)

For all those who struggle with make up techniques, who are experts and want to try something new, who are starting out and need a step by step how-to, these are your books. There is a wealth of information on everything one could ever want to know about make up and y’all can bet that there will be up coming posts about Kevyn’s techniques. For now, just go out and do something good for yourself and the world and buy these books.

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