Thursday, October 25, 2007

Buff and Shine

I thought I should write a post about face wash as a follow up to the ‘Be a Queen, a makeup Queen’ because keeping ones face clean is more important to real beauty than any kind of makeup application you could do.

I want to say right now that I am not going to pretend that I have always taken very good care of my face; the truth is that I’ve struggled over the years to maintain a good regimen but have eventually grown into a routine that I like and that works for me. It’s really important to keep in mind that you need to do what’s best for you when you’re thinking about the upkeep of your face; there are so many different skin types and issues out there, that surely there cannot be a one size fits all routine or product. And that’s another thing, there are so many products out there, some expense, some cheap, that it’s hard to say really if spending more money will buy you a better cleanser. However, I’ll share what I use as an example because I think my face wash is a good example of a cleanser that could be used by all. If you’re anything like me, and if you’re really interested in this, then you can go and obsess about it by reading the articles that this link will take you to. There are much more extensive writings and info on this subject than I would ever care to write about here.

For starters, there is so info about whether one should wash her face twice a day, just at night, every time she feels dirty, that a girl hardly knows what to do! Personally, I’ve experienced a very dry face if I wash my face more than just once a day, so I stick to washing my face just at night. I know that some people feel really icky when they wake up in the morning, but I’ve never understood that… I don’t sweat a lot at night, nor do I sleep on a dirt floor, so I’ve never felt the need to wash my face first thing. I have done it, but like I said, it dried my face. The best cleanser I’ve ever, ever used is Johnson’s & Johnson’s Purpose. Its soap free and hypoallergenic and it makes my face smooth and super soft. I’ve never seen my face glow like it did after about a week of using this cleaner. I highly, highly recommend it.

I do use moisturizer in the mornings as this is when I feel it’s most needed. Sometimes I’ll put it on at night, but my skin often feels a little irritated when I do this. I’ve heard some people say that they moisturize all that time and all I can say to them is, “More power to ya!” I live in an insanely humid climate (Yes, Texas is humid) and if I were to slather on moisturizer all the day long then I’d be greasier than a stick of butter!! My favorite moisturizer is Neutrogena Healthy Defense with SPF 30. It’s light and I’ve never experienced problems with excess oil or break outs from using it.

There is a lot that one could use in between just these two products, but I kind of feel like its unnecessary. Call me a purist or a cheapskate, but I’m not one to spend oodles, and oodles of money and time on products that may or may not reduce the signs of aging…

If you want to share what routine works for you or tell me about an awesome cleanser or moisturizer you’re using, drop a note. I’d love to hear from you!

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