Monday, October 29, 2007

A lesson in the usefulness and relevance of Photoshop

A friend and I were on Banana Republic’s site looking at sweaters when we decided to see a close up of this one, and this is the that picture came up:

It actually frightened my friend and me because the picture was greatly zoomed in and the first thing we saw was this honkin’ mole! It looks like the girl in the photo is pulling her turtleneck down just so she can show her mole! It’s actually a little funny when one thinks about it like that. One would think the Graphic Artists of BR could have photoshopped that mole out as not to make it the focal point of the picture; I mean I think that they would want to draw attention to the fabric of the sweater, not the big brown growth on the model’s neck. This is a random post I know, but I thought maybe some of you would agree with me about the usefulness and relevance of photoshop in this case. Yes?

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