Monday, October 22, 2007

It's a twist... I think.

Last Thursday I made a quick run to Target, (one of my most frequented haunts), in search of a birthday present for a sis-in law when I came upon these: At first, my reaction was disgust; how could any respectable woman dare to don a pair of see-through jelly slippers? My judgement went on: these were obviously for some pre-teen with big feet or a 40 year old mother trying desperately to look younger by dressing like her 8 year old daughter... and then I put them on. Don't ask me why, I honestly think I was trying to prove to my imaginary friend with whom I go everywhere (yes it's true, I have an imaginary friend, but to everyone else it just looks like I have a bad habit of talking to myself all the time. This friend remains unnamed though, as to give the appearance of looking like I'm just talking to myself. ;-)). Anyway, back to my putting on this plastic slipper... So I slipped it on and lo, it was really quite cute. I was shocked, in disbelief and really beside myself with how something so hideous off of my foot could look so cute on it. Often, in the past, I have seen an item of clothing or even a piece of furniture and thought it hideous at first sight but later have witnessed the item in a different context and absolutely loved it. Come on ladies, you've had this happen to you before too, I'm sure!

I decided to carry them around with me while I finished shopping to think on it and in the end, I decided to get them. I later decided that they were a good purchase, albeit, an odd one for me as I normally stick to, how shall I say this, less see-through or pre-school type items of footwear, but got them because they are flats (which I LIVE in) and because they are my style but with a twist. And who doesn't love a twist in the ordinary every now and then? Certainly I do, and besides, I'm not still young enough to pull of such a bold option for footwear and I did get a complement on them the very next day... sure, she was a 3 year old girl but she liked my shoes nonetheless!


beccakate said...

okay, second time trying to comment... ;)
Heidi, I love sites like this! They're so fun (and so distracting from my school!! hehe).
The jelly slippers made me laugh because I, like every other girl growing up in the 80's/90's had a pair similar to the ones you found. How hilarious that they're back!!
Okay... so just for kicks and giggles, I have a friend on blogspot who has a pretty nifty site: livingthebeautifullife. Thought you might enjoy!
Hey, give your kids a kissie from me (they're so cute!) and, oh! Thank you soooo much for telling me to get that book, Emotionally Engaged!! It is excellent!!
This is forever long. Sorry... I've been meaning to write and have just been busy. I like your site!

Cate said...

Nice idea with the blog, Heidi. Keep it up! This is really something you could do.