Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neiman Marcus turns 100!

This month, Neiman Marcus, the luxury department store originally founded in Dallas, turns 100; my how it makes Texas proud! Earlier this year, a Neiman Marcus opened in Austin and for the first time in my life, I got to see in person, all the designer goods I'd been drooling over in my Vogue. It was like a sensory overload, and when for the first time, I slipped my foot into a Malono Blahnik, all I could seem to muster was, "It's like my Vogue has come alive!" Indeed it had!
As I was researching for this post, I found that even the one time editor of Vogue, Mrs. Edna Woolman Chase, couldn't contain her feelings for Neiman Marcus and said this:

"I dreamed all my life of the perfect store for women. Then I saw Neiman-Marcus,
and my dream came true."

I couldn't agree more! (That's me standing next to the amazing art work that hangs over the escalators at my local NM). I don't know what it is about fashion, beauty and design that gets me going, but it was like I was created to love it. It's just part of who I am, and I couldn't be more blessed to live in an area of the state where fashion and beauty are embraced and celebrated as if its a necessary part of life. Neiman Marcus seems to think that it's a necessity and for that reason, it will always have my pledge of undying love.

Pictured below is the "clearance" shoe rack at Neiman Marcus. Oh, to one day look in my own closet and see something very similar. If you look closely you can see a Chanel cork wedge, Fendi flat sling backs and many other straight out of Vogue goodies.

Not only does NM house all of the designer shoes I love and dream about owning, but it also has its very own Chanel Boutique in which I was able to actually touch an authentic Chanel black quilted lambs skin purse with signature gold chain handle... Yes friends, it was an almost out of body experience. The very sweet young girl who was working there answered all my questions and even disclosed how much one of those purses would set me back... I've determined now that though more than a grand is a lot for a purse, especially on my budget, I will save and put away until I am able to walk into that lovely Chanel Boutique, cash in hand and buy myself my very first piece of Chanel. It's like a piece of heirloom furniture, it'll never go out of style -EVER- and I can certainly pass it down to my stylish lineage when the time comes.

The Texas historic plague that hangs on the flagship Neiman Marcus in Dallas. Interestingly enough, about a year after the first store was opened, it burned to the ground; likewise, in the building process of Austin's store, it too burned, though not to the ground.
I have yet to go to the Dallas Neiman Marcus, (I have a blogger friend who works as an assistant buyer for the lingerie department -I know, I'm jealous too-) but one day I'll make a trip up there to see the store in all it's glory myself.

Malono Blahnik himself pictured at the 100 birthday bash that was thrown earlier this month in Dallas. Among the other famous faces of fashion in attendance were Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Glenda Bailey the Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar, Hilary Swank and many, many more. This event was covered by many notable newspapers and magazines. Here are some very interesting articles and picture slides for all to look at: Enjoy! New York Times, Dallas News, Style and Neiman Marcus.

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