Thursday, October 25, 2007

When bad outfits happen to good people

Okay people, I had to post this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker apparently dressed in character as Carrie on the set of the Sex and the City movie because I really cannot understand what’s going on with her outfit. Seriously, Heidi loves her some SJP as much as the next Sex and the City fanatic, but what on earth is she wearing? I count Sarah Jessica’s character on SATC as one of my favorite Fashion Icons; sure some of Carrie’s outfit’s are really out there and almost none of them really fit into the classics category, but I still love them and learn from them all the same. I honestly always try and have an open mind to whatever outfit I see, especially if worn by a Fashion Icon, but common, what is this?
First of all, it’s not really age appropriate, it’s more 80’s gone bad (if that can even happen). Secondly, and most definitely worst of all, this outfit is NOTHING like Carrie’s character;this has actually kept me up at night thinking about it!! I own all but Season Six of SATC and I know for a fact that in the first episode of season five, Carrie was somewhat lamenting but nonetheless stating to Samantha that it was true that they were now “older” women and could neither wear nor act as they once did… I ask you then, what is this? Eh. I’m really flustered about this and frankly, from some of the other pictures I’ve seen from the filming of the SATC movie, I may be so distracted by how horrid Carrie’s outfits are that I won’t be able to enjoy the movie… and what a sad thing that would be!!

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