Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oprah Alert!

Heidi loves her some Oprah! Other than Martha Stewart, Oprah has been a huge influence on my style and life. Just yesterday she had an awesome show about living life while knowing death is eminent. It was really refreshing and I appreciated it very much. Even though yesterday’s show was awesome, my most favorite shows are the type she’s going to have today which is all about being a star at work and home. Who wouldn’t want to be that? Oprah will have the stylist who dressers her for every magazine cover on talking about dressing for success and going for your dreams with all your might! Yes, there will be makeovers happening, and even more than Oprah, Heidi loves her some makeovers!!!

The dramatic before and after:

I hope y’all will join me in enjoying today’s Oprah!

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