Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Look of the Day

“Wow, oh wow, oh wow!” is all I could think about today’s ‘Look of the Day’. It’s a deceptively simple turtleneck dress that can be worn so many different ways that it’s a must have for every woman’s closet. I’ve seen more than a few women walking around in this cute lil’ number and it’s easy to see why; this piece is classic, cute, versatile, and above all other things, affordable! In five minutes alone I found FIVE different online stores that had a version of this dress available in prices ranging from cheap, $21.99 on sale at Kohls to pricey at $298.00 for a cashmere version at Banana Republic. There is simply no reason you should not own one.

I’ve chosen to picture the outfit I found at Old Navy because I especially adore this combo; simple, yet chic. I love (and would wear) the other versions I’ve seen though; like pairing a burgundy dress with black leggings and black knee high boots, even vary that look by swapping out the boots for some adorable patent leather Mary Jane heels from Tar-zhay. How ‘bout taking a heather grey version of this dress and making it pop with a bold colored legging, such as yellow or purple and really rock it with a pair of brown heals or colorful flats. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

Goodness, I hope y’all enjoy this outfit as much as I am!

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