Friday, October 26, 2007

Maybe, maybe not?

Recently, I ventured into Neiman Marcus and got a makeover from my favorite cosmetics line, Clinique. It was a lot of fun because I found out that I knew the woman who was doing my makeover from church, I learned a lot about makeup and skin care, and well, I just love Clinique so much that even being within 50 feet of the counter makes me happy.
One of the nifty new products I became aware of was the foundation brush. Now for those of you who already knew about this tool long ago, *shush*, everyone learns something new everyday. Anyway, my makeup artist was of course raving about the brush and telling me how she always uses it and how it never fails her. She really convinced me that it was the one key tool missing from my brush collection and that I simply couldn’t go on without one. Now, though I love Clinique with all my heart and would write glowing post after post about it, I cannot afford most of it’s products and am therefore left to seek out cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Where you ask? Why Target of course! Naturally!

So I made a beeline to my faithful Tar-zhay and snatched up this Sonia Kushuk brush for a fraction of the price of Clinique’s. I went home and tried it right away expecting to feel the same warmhearted way I’d felt at Neiman Marcus… but honestly, I was surprised that I was a tad let down by its performance. Now don’t get me wrong, the problem lay not in the quality of the product, I prefer Sonia Kushuk products above most other brushes I’ve used; the problem lay in the actual usefulness of the foundation brush.

Maybe it’s just the foundation I use, or maybe it’s my technique in applying it, but to me, when applied with the brush, my foundation feels heavier and less evenly applied. I feel like I have less control over how much foundation I put on and often my face feels wet and the makeup unblended. I sometimes resort to just using the good ol’ fingers to get the job done and that’s downright disappointing because I really wanted this foundation brush to work! Through all my trials with it though, I have yet to give up on it… I refuse to believe that the worth of such a cute foundation brush is lost because it doesn’t perform well, though it’s looking like it’s going to end up that way.

I’d love to know what you think dear Readers. Is there a technique I missing here, or are our faithful finger friends really the best way?

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