Monday, October 29, 2007

I spy: An unexpected trend

I have a confession to make: I am a celebrity news junkie. It’s true that with every free moment I have for myself, my first thoughts of how I’ll spend it always go to checking the latest news on X17online, or I honestly can’t tell you how this habit developed or why it became such an obsession, but it takes great effort on my part to not check those sites more than a few times a day. I don’t like anyone that I read about (with the except of Reese Witherspoon who is seldom featured),I hate what they do (DUI’s, drug use, ect) and I get annoyed that all the “new” news isn’t really news at all, it’s more just an update on where Britney Spears ate lunch, yet for some reason, I cannot seem to get enough.

All that to say, perhaps one of the only useful things that come from my wasting time on those sites is that it gives me a good idea of what the latest trends are and I appreciate it for that. Thus the subject of this blog: Black Nail Polish (or varnish as it is referred to in Europe).

Now, I don’t know about you, but all the memories I have of black nail polish are from middle school when all those who were sporting it were Goths, Punk’s and Rebel’s; certainly not the fashionable people. (Not to say that Goth’s, Punk’s and Rebel’s cannot be fashionable, they can; it just wasn’t trendy to be that way at the time. In Austin there many a Goth and rebel in its midst and most all have been trendy in my opinion.) Anyway, it’s been a long while since I’ve really seen anyone wearing black nail polish and I was surprised when I first spotted it on a very non-Goth celebrity, Lauren Conrad of MTV’s ‘The Hills’. I was a tad confused by Lauren’s choice in polish color, but then, she did tend to wear a lot of darker colored clothing so I figured she’d just decided to incorporate it into her beauty as well. Very soon after this, I started to see almost all celebrities sporting black on their nails and it was then that I started to first suspect a trend. In fact, as I later found out, black varnish has become such a big deal that the polish Chanel created now has a waiting list and some bottles are being sold for 100 dollars!

Of course, I am aware that black is a very trendy color for fashion right now; pair it with a beautiful jeweled colored piece of clothing or accessory and you’ve got yourself an of-the-now look. It would make sense then that black would become a trend for beauty, it’s just unexpected that black nails would become the beauty trend as opposed to a really dark eye for instances.

I’m actually really thrilled about this latest trend as I think black is a naturally chic color when worn properly. It’s always interesting and exciting when fashion (or beauty in this case) does something unexpected; I feel it pushes me to be more creative and think outside the box. When I was doing research for this post, I Googled black nail polish and found there to be many interesting articles on the subject. I even found that New York Magazine did a timeline of the history of black nail polish; y'all should really check it out.

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