Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Martha Came, Martha Saw, Martha Conquered.

I don't know about you, but I love Martha Stewart. I always have. I can still recall the first time I laid eyes on her show and how it immediately had my undivided attention and loyal following. I was just 10 or 11 but I was hooked from the start. I really can’t say if it was the simplistic beauty of her set, or her eye for the details, or that she strived for perfection in all things she undertook but I was drawn to her like a bee is to honey and I watched her show religiously growing up. I would often buy her magazines so I could study the interior design of her houses when they were featured in an article and I even subscribed to her catalog of home décor and kitchen goods. Yes, I was even faithful to Martha through her “tribulation” back in 2005. I count Martha as a huge influence on my own interior design style and I respect her out the wazoo for what she has accomplished over the years. It is my deepest, darkest secret to one day achieve even just a fraction of what she’s achieved. I admire her determination and work ethic and I try to model myself after her in that way…

Now, onto what I really wanted to talk about: Martha’s new line at Macy’s. I saw a commercial for Martha’s new line a few days ago and I must say, I actually cried out with joy!

Let me explain why: First of all, Martha’s original catalog for home décor and kitchen goods was long ago discontinued and I have ever since longed for her products. Secondly, Martha does have a line of home stuff at Kmart but sadly, there are no Kmart’s in Central Texas and I have therefore been further deprived of my Martha goods. Thirdly, there are tons and tons of Macy’s all over Central Texas which means I am now and forever cured of being deprived of Martha Stewart’s wonderful creations. The sun shines a little bit brighter for Heidi ladies and gentlemen, and my, is she ever glad! (ignore that I randomly went into third person right there.)

And so, I thought that because this is my blog and because I love all things beautiful, and because I believe everything Martha creates is beautiful, I am going to feature a few pictures from her new line at Macy’s. It should be noted that like my habit of “sourcing” ideas for outfits, I also haunt sites like Macy’s and IKEA for inspiration on how to decorate my house… not to mention the two or three home décor magazine subscriptions I have and my watching Martha Stewart (her live show) everyday.


One day soon: I will have this look in my kitchen!

Martha gets it that there is so much beauty in simplicity. These dishes could be paired with any other dish or stand alone, not to mention that they are timeless... always an excellent quality!

Could you die? I could, and I wouldn't mind if this were my death bed either!;-)

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