Monday, October 29, 2007

How to Be a Budget Fashionista: Every woman's new best friend

In ‘How to be a Budget Fashionista’, Kathryn Finney manages to tackle the daunting task of being both stylish and frugal. This book boasts that in three easy steps, you too can learn to become an “Ultimate Budget Fashionista” and I found that it really lives up to what it says. With every turn of the page I learned something new while being entertained by Kathryn’s clever tips and stories.

I am big believer in low-to-no-debt, and I was honestly surprised to find that this was a belief that the Budget Fashionista herself held near and dear. Kathryn shares candidly about her journey down the (sometimes rocky) road to financial peace. In step one, ‘Know Your Budget’ I was delighted to find a complete guide to creating a budget and pointers on beginning to manage one’s debt. There are also pages full of tips on how to make a little extra spending money, how to host a clothing swap with your friends and even how to turn shopping into a profession by becoming a personal and/or mystery shopper.

Step two, ‘Know Your Style’ was a comprehensive guide jam packed with information on everything from determining one’s style, to knowing the basics of every wardrobe, to the importance of buying the right underwear, to being an accessories Diva, to becoming a beauty Queen (complete with tips and homemade recipes) and so on and so forth! I’m telling you, it was FULL of new and essential tips on looking one’s best! For instance, Kathryn wrote an entire chapter on knowing when, where and how to get in on the latest trends without breaking the bank or lookin’ like a fool. Also, I never knew that tomato paste could help tighten my pores or that I could remake my widowed earrings into rings or pendants or sell them to jewelers for some quick cash! Another plus within this section are funny stories and tips on how to attend (or at least attempt to) fashion week in New York; an event that I am now adding to my “Must do before I die” list. Possibly one of the most helpful chapters in this step was ‘The Shopping List’. Very much like a grocery list, “the shopping list” is what Kathryn says will help keep every Budget Fashionista within her spending limit.

In the final step, ‘Know your Bargains’ Kathryn covers subjects such as creating a bargain shopping strategy, department stores, outlet malls, my personal favorites second hand stores (I honestly didn’t know that Buffalo Exchange was a chain store until I read this chapter!) and many more shopping institutes. She also divulges 7 of her Fashionista secrets that will come in handy next time I’m out shopping. She ends the book by answering several questions from real women which are very relevant and to the point, showing that Kathryn really does have her finger firmly planted on the pulse of America’s budget minded Fashionista’s.

In all, How to Be a Budget Fashionista is a down to earth, easy to read, always relevant reference book that every woman should read. I learned so much and am now what I hope Kathryn herself would consider, a Budget Fashionista! (Note: I’m also adding, ‘Meet Kathryn Finney’ to my “Must do before I die” list.) In my opinion this book is excellent for those who are just starting out in life’s never ending quest for style, those who may already be fashion savvy but need a refresher course in bargain hunting and those seeking an all around reference guide to keep them at the top of their stylish, yet cash flow managed game.

Y’all can check out Kathryn on her popular website and don’t forget to get yourself a copy of this wonderful book!

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