Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look of the Day

I got the idea for today’s look from Banana Republic. I really love BR because their style is so refined and classic; exactly what Heidi loves to wear! I especially like today’s look because, like other looks I’ve shown here, this one can be worn in so many different ways. Of course one could wear it as pictured here; beautiful puffed sleeve turtleneck, sumptuous (BR’s word, not mine) green sweater shrug, long pendant necklace, dark denim pencil skirt and either black or brown leggings and boots. (Notice at least two of the items used in this outfit are from my essentials list; I told you they come in handy!)

Another variation on this look would be to pair the sweater and turtleneck with a pair of trouser jeans and flats. Or one could certainly rock this look by tucking the turtleneck into a high-waist black pencil skirt and wear it with classic black pumps. (Love it!) If one were inclined to buy the lovely puffed sleeved turtleneck several different colored, like say, cream, one could pair it with brown cords (like I saw on BR) and wear it as is. Simple, but chic. I really, really love outfits like this, this look is exactly what one would see me in any day of the week.


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