Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ConKerr Cancer Rocks!

Well, as I said, this blog isn't just about fashion and design, but about beauty and life also and I think that the organization ConKerr Cancer is truly something beautiful that has come about as a result of life. Cindy Kerr son’s was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 12 and as a result, he began to undergo chemotherapy. Out of a need to make her son more comfortable while he stayed in the hospital, Cindy made him a colorful pillow case to comfort him. This idea took off and grew and now Cindy and her friends have made and donated more that 18,000 pillow cases to children who suffer from cancer.

For me, it’s the brave people like Cindy and her son who make the world go ‘round, and anything I can do to promote this kind of beauty is truly my honor! You can visit Cindy’s site at www.conkerrcancer.org.

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